My OLIO Haul

These two bad boys are the reason why I ‘braved’ going out into the torrential rain and generally bad Welsh winter weather this evening, wrapped up in a jumper dress, hoodie, rain coat and woolly hat (I was very cosy and only mildly damp).

I have made friends with someone through OLIO, and she is pretty much the food waste prevention champion of Cardiff (also she may be able to help me get a job so it is all good). She listed these squash’s on OLIO last night and I promptly requested the hell out of them.

I am not entirely certain what I am going to do with them. I am also not entirely certain what type of squash’s they are, but I like a challenge.

This has also reminded me that I am aware of a few things in my cupboards I need to list on OLIO, so I will crack on with that.


I May Be On TV

There’s an app I love called OLIO.

As you may have gathered from my batch cooking, food budget economising, being flexible with the confines of a use by date, using up leftovers and potato peel soup, I don’t like food waste.

OLIO is the perfect antidote to that.

Are you going away for a few days and have a bag of salad that will go off? Do you have an abundance of courgettes from your allotment? Or did you stumble across a packet of quinoa in your cupboard and think ‘How the f*** did that get there?!”

OLIO to the rescue!

You upload a picture and description of your food stuff that you are going to give away, and OLIO users in your local area will see the listing and request the item off you.

You no longer have to throw away food, someone will take it off your hands for you.

Anyway, yesterday I received an email from the OLIO founder. I knew it was the OLIO founder, because when you hear that someone has the name ‘Saasha Celestial-One’ you remember it. She emailed to say that BBC Wales had contacted OLIO looking for Cardiff users to feature on a magazine style TV show about food waste.

Despite the fact I have a film degree, I no longer have any interest in being on or working in TV (I’m all about trying to save people money). Living in the capital of Wales means you are never far from a TV camera, and I usually go very out of my way to avoid being captured by one of them.

BUT, I am passionate about OLIO, I am passionate about reducing food waste, and the OLIO ‘zero waste weekly’ email is one of the few I bother to read, so anything to help spread that message I’m on board with.

So for someone who is too afraid to use twitter in case everyone collectively gangs up on me for having bad skin and for being overweight and mental, it wasn’t that I was doing it for my 15 minutes of fame (besides I was only filmed for about 20 seconds in total and you probably saw more of my front door then me). I did have a moment of panic about it. And naturally despite the fact all you see of my house is the front door I still got up at 5.30am to deep clean the house, including under the draining board, which I was relatively certain wouldn’t be filmed. And I put on foundation for the third time this year AND concealer AND you can still see my spots (honestly, I’ve seen custard with better skin then me).

As my street is quite ‘lively’ the film crew had to re-shoot my scene because someone walked down the street yelling ‘Merry Christmas’ apropros of nothing.

BUT, it was fun, it was nice, it helps to spread a good message and maybe it will go a little bit towards making me less terrified of sticking my neck above the water.


Batch Cooking my Work Breakfasts: Vegetable Muffins


We have very little remaining of the food budget, and to be fair we only have to last till Friday, but that was after the boy and I had a disagreement about whether we needed to replace the rice krispies in this month, or the next food month. We compromised, the boy and I donated half the cost each and bought a pack (he can’t live without them), but I will add it to next month’s food budget spreadsheet.

I normally take 2 cheap cereal bars and a banana in my bag to eat on the train for my breakfast, but the budget didn’t allow me to replace these stocks after they ran out on Saturday. So I had to come up with a batch cook idea to last me for the week.

These muffins are from a combination of the original recipe, and a swap recipe in this book I absolutely love called My Zero-Waste Kitchen which is a Dorling Kindersley book, I believe the author is Kate Turner, and I have found out she has a blog called

So for that reason I won’t repeat the recipe, as it is not mine, but the muffins contained 2 grated sweet potatoes and 1 grated carrot and I managed to finally use up all my chickpea flour. They are yummy.

I really can’t recommend that book enough.


How to use up leftover Easter goodies #2 Chocolate Treat Tiffin

This recipe does not include any dried fruit that is more typical of a tiffin as the boy dislikes it. Feel free to add some if you like.

I was following a recipe from River Cottage Lover Your Leftovers which is a recipe book I absolutely love.

Basically if you have a glut of chocolate, biscuits of any description, chocolate treat items such as mini eggs, flakes, buttons, mini chocolates, caramels, candy bars and dried fruit (if you like) then you can’t go far wrong with any recipe for a tiffin.

I am going to make the boy take it to his work tomorrow as I feel a little bit sick if I look at chocolate now.

It will take at least 4 hours to set in the fridge, overnight is better.