Batch Cooking my Work Breakfasts: Vegetable Muffins


We have very little remaining of the food budget, and to be fair we only have to last till Friday, but that was after the boy and I had a disagreement about whether we needed to replace the rice krispies in this month, or the next food month. We compromised, the boy and I donated half the cost each and bought a pack (he can’t live without them), but I will add it to next month’s food budget spreadsheet.

I normally take 2 cheap cereal bars and a banana in my bag to eat on the train for my breakfast, but the budget didn’t allow me to replace these stocks after they ran out on Saturday. So I had to come up with a batch cook idea to last me for the week.

These muffins are from a combination of the original recipe, and a swap recipe in this book I absolutely love called My Zero-Waste Kitchen which is a Dorling Kindersley book, I believe the author is Kate Turner, and I have found out she has a blog called

So for that reason I won’t repeat the recipe, as it is not mine, but the muffins contained 2 grated sweet potatoes and 1 grated carrot and I managed to finally use up all my chickpea flour. They are yummy.

I really can’t recommend that book enough.



Batch Cooking My Work Lunches: Yellow Split Pea Soup

Hi everyone,

Don’t worry, my silence on here was due to problems with our internet connection, not a mental health breakdown. Did you miss me?

(Tumbleweed blows past)

Anyways, this is what I made last Sunday. It made three portions of yummy soup. Three g e n e r o u s portions of soup, so really if you have a normal size stomach instead of one the size of Australia then it will probably feed you for a lot more days.

I was trying to make some sort of pease pudding type thing from a recipe in ‘The Bean Book’  by Rose Elliot (a book I borrowed off my sister in law over a year ago and am yet to give back), but then decided it was going to be mush, and who wants that? So I blitzed it into soup.

You will need:

250g Yellow Split Peas

2 x celery sticks




2 Litres of stock

Turmeric, because like my previous post ‘There ain’t no party like a Turmeric party’



Cook the yellow split peas first in about 3/4 of the stock till soft. Don’t do what I did which was leave it thinking it would take ages only to come back not long later and see all the water had absorbed and the peas were only just saved from being stuck to the bottom of the pan.

In a separate pan lightly cook the leeks, carrots, celery and onion until soft but not burnt.

Add all together, with the remainder of the stock and as much turmeric as you feel is decent and when you feel ready add it to a blender and blitz the cr*p out of it.


If you have a nice pristine white blender, then I’m sorry to say you may risk staining parts of it permanently yellow due to the turmeric.  I like yellow so I like the look, but you might not. If you don’t want this to happen leave out the turmeric.

Take into work and be the envy of your colleagues.


My 78p Dinner: Runner Bean and ‘Feta’ Pasta

Ok, disclaimer. One of the ingredients in this dish was given to me free from my boss, and I am totally not including the store cupboard ingredients of oil and lazy garlic. Sue me.

Feta appears as ‘Feta’ in the title because to drive the cost of this meal down I bought ‘salad cheese’ not real Feta.

I am also not including my glass of Rioja in the cost of this meal.

INGREDIENTS (Makes enough for two generous portions which I am basing the 78p price on)

Tesco Salad Cheese – 90p

Tesco Loose Red Onion – 17p

Last dregs of my Spinach – around about 20p

200g dried pasta – a Tesco 500g bag of dried pasta is 59p so 200g = 24p

Runner Beans – Free from your boss at work.

Store Cupboard – Garlic, Oil, salt, butter (optional)



Prep your runner beans, these are the bugger to do veg, you need to ‘top and tail’ them and de-string them. If, like me, you have never done this before then watch the same video on YouTube that I did. Cut them into small pieces.

Put your pasta on to cook.

Add some oil to a pan and sweat your garlic and onion.

When the pasta is about half way there add your runner beans and spinach to the onion/garlic pan.

When the pasta is done and your runner beans are at your desired softness mix it all together with the salad cheese that has been cut into small chunks. Mix in a little butter at the same time over a low heat if you like.

Eat. Drink Rioja. Remember your favourite line about drinking Rioja from the song ‘TCR’ by Sleaford Mods. Hope that people don’t think you are a wine twat.