Odds and Sods Flapjacks

I have eaten two chunks of this whilst still warm from the oven and I dare go one further from saying it is ‘edible’ to saying it is ‘delicious’.

It tastes a bit like the berry flavour Trek Bar, which at one point I was buying at least once a day.

It has banished so many items from my cupboard, there is actually a slither of space in there now.

Also it uses a secret ingredient.

Be prepared to be amazed/repulsed.

It contains…pureed banana peel (obviously no stalk or end bit).

Well, I do hate waste.

It is called the Odds and Sods Flapjack because it contains a little bit of everything. You can make up your own measurements of things.


One ripe banana and banana peel cut into little chunks (cut off the stalk and end)

About 300g of oats (disclaimer-I used a 220g packet of pre-made crumble mix which was essentially oats and then topped up with more)

About 250g-300g of seeds and dried fruit, I used the last of my mixed seeds, some flax/linseeds, dried cranberries and 150g of dried mix fruit.

150g Frozen berries.

Honey (I used what was probably about 2 tablespoons)

Coconut Oil (about 1.5 tablespoons)

Peanut Butter (about 1.5 tablespoons)


First up, measure out your frozen berries (my pack was bought last summer and has been untouched since then in the freezer) and place them in a pan with a little bit of water and put on a low heat to defrost/cook.

Place your dried fruit and seeds, particularly if you are using linseeds, in a food processor and pulse for a little bit just to give the linseeds a chance to lose their husk.

Pop the dried fruit, seeds and oats in a bowl.

Pop your banana and banana peel into the food processor and pulse into it is banana mush and add to the dried fruit, seeds and oats.

If your berries have defrosted add them to the bowl with all the other ingredients.

Add the coconut oil, peanut butter and honey to the saucepan you just had the berries in and melt together. It is ok to use either crunchy or smooth peanut butter. I used crunchy.

Once this has melted add to the bowl with all the other ingredients and give a good mix till it has all come together.

Pop in a baking pan/tray/dish covered in baking paper and pop in the oven at Gas Mark 5/190 degrees (thank you itsabakerslife ūüôā ) for about 40 minutes until a skewer comes out clean when you test it.

This recipe was adapted from about 3 separate suggestions in a book I got for my birthday that I love called ‘My Zero-Waste Kitchen’ which is a DK (Dorling Kindersley) book. They were the ones that told me banana peel is edible. This recipe is adapted from a fruity flapjack recipe they have that I kinda went freestyle on. I do feel this recipe is more mine then anyone elses, which is great, as it is only recently I feel like I am confident enough to make something on my own.

The book also suggests these flapjacks can be ‘cooked’ raw by placing them in a freezer and then a fridge.

People in my life had thought I was good at cooking but all it was really was that I could follow a recipe and end up with a similar end product to the one in the picture. Making something on your own, with your own recipe seemed like magic. I still can’t claim to know the rules of cooking/baking but I am getting there.




Decadent Chocolate Bites

Today I banished more items from the cupboard.

I feel bad for even calling this a recipe, as it is so simple.


2 x 150g Bars of Tesco Dark Chocolate ¬†(It’s about 75p per 150g bar)

Dried Cranberries (79p for 170g – Home Bargains, you only need a small amount)

Mixed Seeds (the bag I had in my cupboard that expired in January! Originally from Holland and Barrett, again a small amount)


Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt in a bowl over a pan of boiling water on the hob, remember to make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water.

Once it has all melted (and be careful to not over stir) pour into your mould.


I used 12 silicon cupcake cases to make relatively equal (and therefore quite chunky) bites. You could use something like a giant mould and then once it has set break into rustic pieces with your hands. I have done that before.

Once your chocolate is in your mould sprinkle over the seeds and cranberries.

Pop in the fridge to set.

Try not to eat all at once. Just because you have a new job doesn’t mean you have to go over board.

Enjoy. x

The AAA Therapy Cake

Hi guys,

Today was a beautiful sunny day in the South West of England and South Wales, and I spent my morning at a Job Interview.

Naturally for someone who finds talking to their friend’s difficult enough at times, I find Job Interviews a wee bit scary and traumatic.

There was only one thing to do and that was bake my stress away.

This is probably why I am overweight.

Oh well.

The cake today was baked in order to use up two jars of apple sauce that were preventing my cupboard door from closing and had been for about 7 months ever since I first bought them.

I bought them to make a recipe called ‘Triple Apple Cake’ from a recipe book I have on my Kindle called ‘Insulin Resistance Diet Plan & Cookbook: 101 Vegan recipes’ by Patricia Karnowski which I bought in a panic one day when I was convinced I had PCOS. Turns out I only sort-of have it.

My recipe was ‘adapted’ from their recipe. In that it closely follows it and then I throw a whole bunch of things into the mix.

My recipe is crucially not Vegan, so if you want the vegan recipe I’ll explain where I deviated from the original recipe.

Also the recipe book uses Cups as measurements, so I have done similar. If you are adapting then make sure you check the measurements against liquid/dry.



(These ingredients all feature in the original recipe, but I used different amounts)

1 apple, sliced very thinly (you could use more, the original recipe uses three but my bowl was looking crowded)

1 Cup of dried apple rings cut into very small pieces.

1 1/2 Cups of apple sauce-here I used my two 185g jars of apple sauce which are from the Morrison’s Savers range as one jar equalled roughly 3/4 of a cup.

2 teaspoons of baking powder

2 1/2 cups of oats – my oats were premixed with skimmed milk powder, which I do to make instant porridge ala Jack Monroe, this may or may not have had some factor on my end cake. I think you should be fine with just oats.

Vanilla – I used a very generous ‘splodge’ of vanilla bean paste

lots of cinnamon and a little bit of nutmeg. I personally think things can’t have enough cinnamon or vanilla and nutmeg, but use your own tastebuds.


2 tablespoons of greek yoghurt

1 egg

1 cup of self raising flour


Chop the apples (both dried and fresh)

Put all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Add the applesauce and the beaten egg and yoghurt. Mix until it all looks lumpy and sticky (this shouldn’t take too long)

Squish into a greased cake tin, I used a loose bottom big bad boy.

Put in the oven at gas mark 5 for about 40 minutes until you do the skewer test and it comes out clean.

Please don’t ask me what Gas Mark 5 is on a proper oven, I do not know ūüôā

When it is ready try to contain your hunger and leave it to cool for 5 or so minutes on a wire rack. When it is still fairly warm cut yourself a piece, have a cup of tea, and add a squirt of that weird toffee sauce in your cupboard that you can’t even remember where it came from.

Take said cake into the living room where the Artist Boy is painting and say ‘Look! Whilst you were ‘creating’ so was I!’


Oops, some last minute spending has occurred

So to add to last post’s spending there has been:


Train ticket to Grandad’s 90th birthday¬†¬£42.50


Donation to sister’s marathon¬†¬£7.21


Ice cream £2 (This happened earlier today but I had forgotten about it)

TOTAL (TO ADD ON) = £51.71


Hmm, must try harder next week.


Financial Review of Week 14

Yep, it is Sunday again.

This week was a bit less spend-y. I hope.

Let’s have a looksy.


Milk and Bread Rolls £2.74

Pasta Sauce, Pasta, Garlic Bread £4

7 Up, Milk, Squash, Orange Juice, Eggs, Cheese, Potatoes, Bread and Bananas £13.01

TOTAL = £19.75



Breakfast with the leftover Wrestlemania Crew £8.70


4 lots of bus tickets (£1.60 each) = £6.40


Milk x 2 = £1.65


Treats for Work £10.70

Easter Egg for The Boy (after voucher deduction) £0.89



So the spending has reduced, which is good on account of the whole I’M UNEMPLOYED situation.

I may have to become even more restrictive with my spending. I may give up my social life, or just become more creative with it.


The ‘I’m now too full to move’ Macaroni Peas

I am still a woman on a mission to eat out of the cupboards and freezer, particularly now that I am…ahem…UNEMPLOYED.

I have vanquished certain things that have been living in my kitchen for the better part of a year to the pits of my belly, such as the slightly iffy prawns, and today I used up 150g of dried fruit that I think may be past it’s best before date in some rock cakes. Which were yummers.

I also made a Jack Monroe recipe of ‘Macaroni Peas’ which in turned was inspired by a ‘River Cottage’ recipe, and I can’t say mine had any originality thrown at it other than rather generous amounts of cheese and cooking water thrown at the sauce, but I didn’t really need to mess with such a simple recipe.

So that uses up some of the macaroni that has been unopened for many months, frozen peas which are always quite slow to be used up, and some slightly sweaty cheese from the fridge.

A frozen garlic baguette may have found it’s way into the oven as well.

I am now very, very full.

I may do some energetic hoovering now to try and make the food baby go away. There are no laws against late night hoovering here in the UK, is it true that in Germany there are? I must ask my Aunt who lives in Mainz if that is true or a myth.