A Breakdown of My April 2017 Bills

Today was payday.

Cue me doing a little dance and being in a very good mood today.

A few months ago I showed what my bills look like compared to my earnings and I thought I would do an update.


Wages = £1206.26

Birthday Money = £100

TOTAL = £1306.26



Final payment to Credit Card A £0.96

Slightly above minimum payment to Credit Card L £20

Current Account Charges £16.17

Double payment to Overdraft £200

Slightly above minimum payment to Credit Card T £31.10

Phone Bill £20.99

Broadband £27.95

Gas and Electricity £54

Train Monthly Season Ticket £295

Train Weekly Season Ticket £76.10

My half of Rent, Council Tax, deducting the Boy’s half of the bills I pay £198.90

Savings £20

Food Budget £200

My half of the new water bill split into 12 instalment’s £19.57

Football Sessions x 4 £16

Train to Football x 4 £15.60

Paying back the Boy for the Football Ticket £15

Disposable Income £75

Membership fees £3.92

TOTAL = £1306.26


So as you see, everything matches up and I am left with £0 that isn’t budgeted in any way, everything is accounted for.

The £75 disposable income is the money I have to spend on socialising, work expenses, gifts, travelling costs, homeware etc etc. It is the budget that all my expenses will come from this month. It is going to be tight. I have quite a few social engagements planned this month so I will have to be picky or prioritise, or be very frugal and clever with my money.

But it is my birthday soon and I am planning on getting as many freebies as I can. I hope to have some good adventures that day. I know about the Paperchase free gift, and I have been sent a voucher for a free drink at a pub chain, and I have heard rumours of a free Krispy Kreme donut, I’ll see what I can find.



Oh I Just Can’t Wait Till Payday

I am counting down the hours till I get paid tomorrow and can throw a double payment at the overdraft and get ever closer to smashing it into oblivion.

I have ordered the food shopping and that is being delivered tomorrow morning. I will be getting up early to pay my bills and catching up with my reading.

The mysterious £2 has once again disappeared from my account, hopefully it will find it’s way back into my account, it is a bizarre situation and I expect you all think I am imagining it but I pretty much exclusively pay for things with cash not card as it helps me budget better and so I know I haven’t made any £2 payments at all.

The boy is extremely tired so we are not going out. I am pretty sleepy too, even though I had a half day I still had a little kip on the train home from work. As well as on the way to work.

Unless something changes in the next 5.5 hours today has been a NO SPEND DAY, huzzah. I don’t count the food shopping as it won’t leave my account until tomorrow.

I think that takes me up to 6 or 7 now so I am edging closer to my double digit target.

The house could do with a tidy up so I may do that before the football match.

I will also look at my account’s spreadsheet soon and see how this month has been financially.

I am over budget by 60p and counting

The title pretty much explains it all.

I decided today was a spend day, and I had to post my Mum’s Mother’s day present as I thought it might come in useful, and now I am 60p over what I had in my wallet and I had to withdraw a tenner.

Also I got rejected for the job I interviewed for on Monday.

On the plus side Football tonight was lovely.

And there is a football match on tomorrow which means cracking into my birthday money as we are going out on the town with friends to watch it.

Anyway, onto Nerdier stats.

I will be presenting the official figures at the end of March when the records end, but I have spent on average £60 less per month in the last 6 months (October 2016 – March 2017) than I did in the same 6 months of the previous year (October 2015 – March 2016)

So, a one and a two and a three



Is it breaking the rules, or not?

The boy told me today that the plans for Friday have changed. We were going to have friends round to ours, instead now we are going into town to watch the big Football match.

Which is great and mega exciting, and either way it means a Gin and Tonic is going to get in my face, but as I said to the boy in the kitchen I have £6.30 left in my wallet and I have some planned expenses taking place tomorrow.

So the boy pouted and pointed out it was my birthday and I remembered that I do have an inflated bank balance for this point of the month thanks to some early and unexpected birthday money, so I do have money…

But payday is Saturday, and that birthday money is ear marked for my overdraft, and although I do have the money and can always take whatever I spend on Friday out of next month’s disposable income, to me it feels like cheating.

Plus I have £75 disposable income next month, and at this precise 8:54pm moment in time I will be unemployed in 2.5 weeks as I do not have another job lined up (the job I was interviewed for on Monday have not got back to me yet).

I have applied for another job today, but applying does not = job. And thanks to early payday this month it will feel like longer until I get my final paycheck from my work in April, so that disposable income has to last me basically 5 weeks.


Do I party like it’s an S Club party this Friday and hope that my adopted home nation wins at the footie?


Do I be sensible and maintain that since it is not payday it is not party o clock.


I don’t want to sound like a miserable bugger who never has any fun, but at the same time I’m trying to get the balance right between denying myself things when it is necessary, and living my life.

Not denying myself things got me into a lot of mess. Not denying myself Peacock’s Finest Clothes got me into debt. Not denying myself that pizza made me fat. I mean as much as I can stretch the truth in the facts that my messed up hormones are making the weight cling to me and that I was under-employed for many years and needed a credit card to survive, I sure as f*** could have been more disciplined with myself.

I’ll have a think.


Lots of exciting food to follow soon

I have spent the evening with the boy’s mum and sister at a cookery event.

It was a dessert evening and we made bread and butter pudding, ale ice cream, fennel, orange and vanilla custard and chocolate fondants with chocolate ganache.

I will be trying to recreate all of these at home and will show you my creations as they come.

Now that I have successfully made ice cream I feel like I can happily crack out my ice cream maker again and experiment.

I am very excited.

Update on the Mum situation

I heard from my brother today, he has spoken to my mum and she told him that she was doing an at home detox facilitated by her Doctor. She also spoke about her desire to see members of the family again.

This is the first good news I have had about her since the drinking began, I got this news just before I went to my interview today and it made me feel good.

The interview itself was quite pleasant but I don’t have the feeling I will get the job. Oh well, I have learnt (the hard way) that things have a way of working themselves out so it should all be fine one way or another.

The boy is at painting class so I am going to enjoy an evening where I can watch what I want on TV.

Mixed Seed Butter

I have a packet of seeds in my cupboard that expired in January. They still taste ok, but I figured I should eat them sooner rather than later.

The seeds were from Holland and Barrett and I have often been tempted by the jars of seed butter they have. I figured that since I eat peanut butter on granary bread it would taste like a mix of that. I also realised it would be silly to buy a jar of seed butter when I have seeds crying out to be eaten at home.

Now, I made this myself but I was heavily influenced by a few different recipes I found online. One recommended using nothing but seeds and just blending the f*** out of them until they yield and release their oils. Others used oils to speed up the process. Some cooked the seeds in the oven not on the hob.

Nearly every recipe I found was from America, therefore my measurements are in cups. I apologise if you are not from the USA. If you are from the USA you will probably love that you can understand the measurements instead of all this weird grams business.

If you are converting from cups to grams make sure you check the amount for dry and liquid goods as the sizes will be different.


1 3/4 – 2 cups of seeds.

1/2 cup of Sunflower Oil

a little pinch of Salt

about 1/4 cup of Agave Nectar (I would add this very gradually and taste as you go as mine was quite sweet)


Toast the seeds over a low heat, stirring all the time to prevent burning. Wait till they smell lovely and have changed colour.

Add them to the food processor, add about half the oil and half the agave nectar and the salt.



Make sure the lid is on.

It will look like cement, it will look like gravel, it will be sticking to the sides. At this stage add the rest of the oil/agave nectar and blitz again.

Now, I would recommend pulsing and pulsing for as long as you have the patience to do so. It should make it nice and creamy. Maybe my food processor isn’t very powerful  but I lost patience and just gave up when it looked sort of done.

This is what the finished product looked like.


I’ll quite happily admit I have made tastier looking food.

And yes that is a Hello Kitty plate. I may be approaching 28 but I like Hello Kitty.

It did taste nice.

Get a more powerful food processor is what I would advise.