Review of March 2018: Financial and Personal

Hi everybody,

Another month has passed.

In March I ended up getting Job 2. This is part of my plan for paying back my debt by my 30th birthday which is now less than a year away (spoiler, I recently had my birthday).

I ended up spending a lot of money, again. It might be time to go back to that whole no spend year thing I was doing last year.

I mean, I am buying what I need, or what can be justified, but still it makes me a little anxious.

Anywho, onwards.


I went 29p over budget. I spent £250.29 on food. It could be worse I guess.


Time to look at the different categories of my spending.

GIFTS = £48.76

SOCIAL = £169.36

HOME WARE = £2.58




CLOTHING = £75.25




HOBBIES – BOOKS = £13.99

BEAUTY = £14.99


TOTAL SPENDS = £436.87


I read 4 books in March, 3 of them were good. One was written by someone who could have saved me a lot of time if they listed the asshole co writer of one of their other books in the first chapter.

I made 5 new recipes in March, not bad, but I feel sad if I can’t make at least 2 things a week. I desperately need to make some more granola, hopefully I’ll do that later this week.


I lost (and kept off) only 1.375 pounds in March….well….it was The Boy and My’s birthday month. We partied hard.


Financial Review of Week 12/52 2018

Hi Everybody,

One thing I had commonly read in all my ‘what to do when you have messed up your life financially’ books is that it is common for people generally to match their expenditure to their income.

Which is why a lot of these famous financial adviser’s say more money is not always the answer. Or why getting a pay rise will often lead you back to square one.

I am very conscious of the fact I may be doing this myself.

With Job 1 I am paid weekly. With Job 2 I will be paid every 4 weeks. This excites me as although it will still equal the same money that will mean there are 13 payments in the next year, which means one month I will have 2 payments, which will feel like a bonus.

I hate being paid weekly, I would much rather be paid once a month, because I have let my standards slip. Being paid weekly means there is a constant flow of money in my account, whereas when I was being paid monthly I would always (deliberately) run my account down to zero, but I knew exactly how much money I had to ‘play with’.

I also get paid according to the hours I work, so if I am sick, I don’t get paid. Which is making it hard to accurately assess how much I will earn in a month.

Anyway, I am spending more then I normally would. And whilst none of it is debt, I must be careful as I am not going to sacrifice a year of weekends to pay off my debts, only to find I have spent it all on myself.


Gum and Flatbread Sandwich £2.09

Gun, Tortilla Chips, Rolls, Spaghetti £3.77

Fries £0.89

Milk, Orange Juice, Washing Up Liquid, Hand Wash, Greek Yogurt, Soup x 2, Prawn Crackers, Chilli Con Carne Spices x 4, Spag Bol Spices x 2, Long Grain Rice x 2, Cucumber, Baking Potatoes £11.67

Coconut Water x 4, Toothbrush £2.25

Toothbrush Holder, Toothpaste, Clearisel Pads, Clearisel Scrub £9.26

Baguettes, Onion Bharjis, Coconut Milk £5


Not Bad, but we are beginning to run low on things so I will have to do a big food shop soon. Next month, obviously.



Jacket Potato and Tea £6.70

Gum £1.80


Milk for work £0.80


A whole load of books £11

Buying a friend’s Kindle book £0.99


Friend’s birthday present £6.20

Big Issue £3.30

Various donations to the homeless £7.50

Easter gifts for the ‘nie-phews’ (my term for my nieces and nephews) £7.96

Easter cards £1


Sushi dinner £20


Jump suit and socks £29.20 (The jump suit is my new favourite thing I have ever owned)



See what I mean? That’s a lot of wonga.




Batch Cooking My Work Lunches: Parsnip Gnocchi

I am not going to post a recipe just yet for this as I am still perfecting it. I have not had much success with making gnocchi generally. This was easily my best effort but I still feel it needs a little work.

Essentially it was about 300g of parsnips and 450g of potato which was roasted with one whole onion and garlic for about 40 minutes, then processed in my food processor (I really need a bigger one).

I originally planned to only use about 100g of plain flour, but in the end I used over 200g to get it ‘right’ (which is what I mean about needing to perfect the recipe).

Still, I ended up with 3 portions of a hearty carb-tastic lunch.

This came about as a result of one of those ‘when life hands you lemons…’ situations. You may have noticed that in my financial review of week 11 I bought parsnips twice.

This because the first batch I bought came prepackaged and when I got them home and unleashed them from their plastic bag I found them were all going rank. I knew The Boy would turn his nose up at them and throw them out, so I decided to utilise them and thus prevent waste.

All in all it was not bad.

Financial Review of Week 11/52 2018

Hi everybody,

We are nearing the end of another month, slightly over half way through now. Nearly a quarter of the year gone.

I am very much thinking in terms of the next year of my life and what it will take to be debt free by my 30th birthday.

I have roughly 54 weeks to achieve my goals, and monitoring my spending on a week by week basis will help me keep track.


Milk, Yogurt, Flatbreads, Falafel, Houmous, Peppers, Cucumber £7.03

Face Wipes x 2 £1.98

Frozen Peppers, Frozen Spinach, Frozen Onion, Frozen Broccoli £4.87

Lentils, Chickpeas, Poppadoms, Fajita Seasoning, Wraps, Rice x 8, Naan Bread £8.40

Milk, Baby Potatoes, Apples, Potatoes, Parsnips, Carrots £4.85

Meat Pies £2

Parsnips and Yogurt £1.30

Shampoo and Conditioner £2.98

TOTAL = £33.41

Not bad, I seem to be spending roughly around this much each week nowadays. I think that is quite normal.



Chinese Takeaway £10

Lasagne, Chips and Drink £8.90

2 x Hot Chocolates and Cookie £6.62

Ticket to see The Flaming Lips £27.50

Various Lotteries at Work* £4

*I am doing this purely to feel like part of the team at work, personally I feel it is a waste of money but it makes me feel more ‘social’

TOTAL = £57.02

A bit on the hefty side, but it does include a gig ticket for what should be a very memorable night.


Sandwich and Gum £1.55

Berry Shot and Banana £0.75

2 x Gum £1.20

Dominoes Pizza Takeaway to celebrate losing weight* £21

*Yes, my logic doesn’t make much sense.

TOTAL = £24.50


Deep Tissue Massage £17


Milk for work £0.55

Coffee for Work £2.29

TOTAL = £2.84


Perfume £14.99*

*Ok, little story here of what an idiot I am. I was in Savers and this perfume was one of their special offers. It was a Sarah Jessica Parker perfume. It came in a nice tin. I like tins.

I’m not really a Sarah Jessica Parker fan.

I don’t really wear perfume.

Essentially I spent £14.99 on a tin.


Fixing stitching, hems and rips on 5 items of clothing £25



I do seem to be spending a lot of money. I am for the most part only buying what I need, and I am not using debt to make these purchases, but still I feel a little wary of spending.



Financial Review of Weeks 9 and 10/52

Hi everyone.

Now that I am working TWO JOBS I have been a bit busy and as a result have neglected to do financial reviews.

Let’s get to it.



3 x Beetroot Shots and Greek Yoghurt £4

Crisps x 2, Milk, Bread £4.14

Milk x 2, Scampi, Wedges, Yorkshire Puddings, Quorn Mince, Pizza, Coffee, Cucumber £10.28

Orange Juice, Potatoes, Cheese, Flora, Poppadoms, Apples, Steak Slice £9.43

Bubble Bath x 3, Chilli Spices, Face Masks x 3, £5.49

Magnesium x 2, Peanut Butter, Wild Rice £23.96

Parsnips and Carrots £0.96

Big Morrisons Food Shop £88.12

Milk, Onions, Spaghetti Spices £4.15

Bread, Choco Liebniz £1.95

Birthday Candles, Birthday Cake £7.2

Mens Body Spray, Mens Deodorant, Pizza x 2, Cucumber, Raspberries £7.35

Milk £1.09

Listerine, Dental Floss, Dental Sticks, Toothbrushes £8.96

Milk, Bread, Chicken, Rolls, Carrots £4.66

TOTAL = £181.74



Tea and soup £5.95

Gum £1.79

Gum £1.20

Sandwich £2.10

Sandwich £2

Coffee £2.30

(TOTAL = £15.34)


Treats for Work Colleague’s £1.60

Big Issue £5

Buying the shopping of the person in front of me* £5

Various donations over the week £5.10

Donation £0.70

TOTAL = £17.40


Posting Little Brother’s Birthday Present £3.40

Parcel envelopes £4.39

Posting Mum and Step Mum’s Mother Day’s Presents £6.80

TOTAL = £14.59


Burger Takeaway £8.70

Pizza Express Meal £30

Curry Night £8.64

Taxi £3.50

TOTAL = £50.84


Soup Mug x 2 £1.58


Tissues for work £0.39

Milk £0.55

TOTAL = £0.94


Runners World 3 issue subscription £3

Women’s Health 3 issued subscription £3

TOTAL = £6


Black and White striped dress £12


2 x 3 issue Money Magazines Subscriptions £2

In short I have spent a lot of money recently.

OK, so I have bought a lot of magazine subscriptions. They were my reward for getting the second job. I love magazines but rarely buy them as they are really a waste of money. I looked around for cheap deals and for the price of 2 impulse purchase magazines I have got 12.

*OK, so long story here. There was a women in front of me in a store buying a few things. It came to about £5. She tried to pay by card, her card was declined, she tried to pay by cash and it turned out one of the coins she thought was a pound coin was actually a Euro. She didn’t have any other means of buying her shopping.

I don’t know the circumstances for why she couldn’t afford to buy her shopping, all I know is once I couldn’t buy a cup of tea for similar reasons when I was in an Arts Centre in my town (one I later worked in) and the person in the queue behind me paid for it. I always vowed to return the favour ‘to the universe’ one day.

Also I have been giving away a lot of money recently as call me a superstitious idiot but when I went to my interview for the second job, I passed a homeless person and I gave them money as I got it into my head if I did something good then the Universe would treat me fairly. I have also read many theories that the richest people in the world have attracted their wealth by giving a lot of it away, plus in general I live my life by the idea that I would be ashamed of myself if I had something/wealth and I didn’t do something to help those without.

I have finally realised at long last that people create their own luck, but sending a few good ‘vibes’ out into the world won’t do any harm.





Status Revelation

I have secured a weekend job.

8 hours, 4 Saturday, 4 Sunday.

At a certain retailer.

I am overjoyed.

I had my induction today, and I continue tomorrow.

After tax, national insurance, pension, and union fees (I joined the union, for security) I won’t be on mega bucks, but my first full month payslip will coincide with the increase in my wage at job 1.

This means if I pretty much work everyday over the next year (annual leave will be paid and thus taken, don’t worry) I can maybe just about be debt free by my 30th birthday. Potentially.

Let’s recap the debts:

Balance Transfer Card 1: £1080

Balance Transfer Card 2: £2720

Debt to The Boy: £1800

Debt to Sister: £70

TOTAL = £5670

I also want to save £1000 as soon as possible.

At this moment in time I feel very strong, very happy, very confident. At this moment in time I feel like I am going to smash my goals.

I feel E P I C.



I Don’t Care (In a Good Way)

I am pretty sure someone I work with doesn’t like me.

He has seemed a bit off with me for a while.

The old Flo would have been agonising over this. The old Flo would have been crawling the walls with worry and anxiety. I would be going over and over again every exchange we had had together looking for proof he hated me, looking for signs, trying to fix it.

I would have been a simpering mess of a woman, practically resorting to bribery and flattery to win him over.

I would have done more to make him like me then I have done for previous crushes/lovers.

But now?

Well, I went over the ‘data’ calmly and rationally. I have no proof that our relationship has changed (though there does seem to be an increase in digs). All I have is speculation.

I look at the facts.

Do I think I am worthy of love, affection, good will? Yes. Do I think I am a good, hard working worker? Yes. Do I think I have done anything heinous to warrant this perceived change in his feelings towards me?


So I am not going to invest any more time or energy on it.

I have finally realised something that has long traumatised me. That no matter how lovely, pleasant or agreeable you are as a person the law of averages dictates that someone, somewhere will dislike you. Probably for being so lovely, pleasant and agreeable in the first place.

I have shied away from social media, I have kept my opinions to myself, I have been afraid of rocking the boat or being outspoken lest I offend anyone. Whilst I don’t necessarily think that is the worst way to live, I have now decided to define my self worth on the opinions of those who matter to me.

And more importantly myself.

Do I like myself?

I can honestly say for perhaps the first time in my life I like myself. I am not perfect, but no one is, and I like myself in spite of or maybe because of my flaws.

I would go so far as to say I am great.

(However The Boy still maintains he is the best person in the Universe and I am at most second best).

So I don’t care if someone doesn’t like me. And I don’t mean in a petty, childish, antagonistic way. I am not about to be discourteous to my work colleague, I will still be professional, I harbour no ill will feelings towards him, I genuinely wish him nothing but the best.

But I have finally accepted that self worth should come from within, not from the opinions of others.

Thanks for reading guys, love to ya all.