Hi everybody,

A new month has begun, autumn is on the way which means by extension WINTER IS COMING!

I know, we are still in Summer, but I am always very excited for Autumn. I don’t know why but maybe because a school year always begins in September the start of Autumn always feels like a new beginning to me.

Anyways, time to analyse the disaster that was July.

If anyone is reading my blog for the first time I’ll give you a little bit of context. I am doing my version of a ‘No Spend Year’ with many things being off limit for purchasing, which I totally threw aside in July.

Also in July I was half way through a 28 day sick leave absence from work due to stress and anxiety. So that may have affected why I disregarded my No Spend Year rules.

Final bit of context is I am doing a No Spend Year because I am in debt. Boooo!

So here is how I spent my money in the month of July.

Let’s start off with the contraband purchases:


(Ahem) £77.73!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This was made up of takeaway coffees, work canteen lunches, a couple of breakfasts I had to buy as I was lazy/unorganised)

Moving swiftly on…

HOMEWARE £1.98 (Batteries and white board markers)

GIFTS £6.37 (A selection of cards for various occasions and a packet of biscuits for a friend)

SOCIAL £72.64 (So really I could have socialised twice as much if I wasn’t wasting money on the things in the contraband category)

POSTAGE £43.05 (I sold a lot of things on ebay, and yes, I charged for postage, but they way I see it is I had to have that money in order to post things in the first place)

HEALTH £14 (I went to the dentist)

TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY) £18 (This I feel bad about as I didn’t actually need to do any of these bus journeys, I could have walked if I had been more organised with my time)

So July, it happened. It happened badly. But I am making good progress in August and have had 4 No Spend Days out of the first 6 days of August (A ‘NSD’ is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a day when I didn’t spend any money on anything, not even something like milk).




1 way to your 5 a day: Sweet Potato Toast

Hi everybody.

Remember how in yesterday’s post about the Courgette porridge I mentioned it was inspired by an article about sweet potato toast?

Ta Dah!

Yes, I decided to try the sweet potato toast.

The original article said all you needed to do was put it in a toaster on a high setting and it would be ready. That may be true by their definition, but I put it in for 9 minutes and it was still very tough, not exactly raw, but tough. It might be better to put it in slices in the oven or under a grill instead.

I had it with banana and peanut butter which was very nice. I reckon it would also be nice with cottage cheese or a poached egg and spinach.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could try next? I would love to hear your ideas, you can suggest something outlandish if you like and I’ll give it a trial run.

I am Normal again

I have just returned from a night out seeing friends, this involved travelling to a different city and then getting a late night train back home. The boy and I then had to walk through the town centre, late at night, on a Saturday.

Here’s the thing, in the past, that would have freaked me the f*** out. I would have been in complete and utter panic stations (is panic stations a real phrase or is it a ‘flo-ism’?) I would have been hyperventilating and trying to hide behind the boy and been a complete mess. All because of the amount of people, the alcohol they had drunk and the potential for conflict.

I was fine tonight.

I did not even have the slightest elevated heart rate.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still wasn’t overly keen on the business of being around drunk and loud people who were all chess walking* But I coped.

A wise man once commented on my blog saying that mood and mental health changes and passes from one state to another. He said it in relationship to my despair over feeling bad, trying to reassure me that I could experience happiness again.

I understand that the flip side of that is also true. That my good state of mind could pass and lead back to a troubled way of thinking.

For now I will take joy that for the first time in about 18 months I feel free from the shackles of my anxiety.

1 way to your 5 a day: Courgette Porridge

Last year I went through a stage of buying Women’s Health magazine which I love, and am sad I can’t buy (but actually I have found a way to read it for free, but I’m saving that for another blog post).

In one of their issues last year they were talking about unusual mash ups inspired by a trend for Sweet Potato Toast. One of the things they recommend to try out was Courgette Porridge.

I have given it a whirl and it’s not bad, it tastes like it’s distinctly lacking sugar, so maybe you would want to add some, or more cinnamon, it also tastes like it would be really nice with chocolate, have a go!

INGREDIENTS (This is taken almost exactly from what the magazine recommended)

1 Courgette between 180g-230g

115g Porridge oats

240ml water, but I used around 300ml


About 10g protein powder (I used vanilla)

Chia Seeds

Banana and Blueberries if you have them.



Grate the courgette, discarding the bottom and stalk.

Add the oats and grated courgette to a pan with cinnamon, protein powder and water.

Cook until ready, it won’t take very long, add more water if needed.

Add the bananas/blueberries and chia seeds.




I assumed that the recipe was measurements for one portion, and maybe if you were going to climb a mountain it would be, so if you are a greedy guts the measurements above definitely feed one person (although I donated some of mine to the food bin), but really we are looking at 2 portions, maybe even as many as 4.


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